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Estates, Wills, Probates

In the event of a death of a family member or loved one, the attorneys and staff at Butler & Butler, P.C. compassionately and professionally handle the many tasks involved in the probate process and the administration of the estate, including:

  • Taking possession and control of assets
  • Managing estate assets and income
  • Ascertaining and paying legitimate debts of the decedent
  • Distributing assets of the estate to its beneficiaries or heirs
  • Filing an inventory of the estate assets and one or more itemized accounts of all receipts, disbursements and distribution of estate assets
  • Interpreting questions regarding substandard or generic Internet Wills
  • Negotiating or litigating contested claims or Will contests
  • Dealing with insolvent estates

We can also help you if you are in need of a Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, or living Will. Contact us to make an appointment with an experienced probate and estate administration attorney.

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